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     Member of The Complementary Therapists Association

     Insured via the Holistic Insurance Services

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Allow Your School to Leap Ahead

eFor the education sector I offer high quality coaching on growth mindset, self-awareness, well-being, mindfulness, meditation for teens and exam prep. I use SMART Coaching alongside Mindfulness Techniques to build an ethos around learning and well-being going hand in hand. I work with all levels of experience, with staff, students and parents. The sessions are designed to give each person attending transferable skills to use at home, within a learning setting or at work. You can book a one off session or a series of visits over the year.  I work with all levels of students in all settings and I use a variety of gentle and fun activities to explore the habits, beliefs and  choices with the aim of giving people life long tools to empower them within a learning environment and beyond.


Bringing mindfulness into a learning setting can have huge benefits both physically and emotionally for the students. My passion is to connect with young people and schools, listen to their concerns and support students well being. I have worked within school settings since 2007 and I understand the challenges that are present. Combining growth mindset models with mindfulness stratagies and meta-cognition learning, the students will have a choice of techniques to implement themselves and with the support of the school.


I have full DBS Clearance, Insurance and and I am a Member of the Complmentary Therapists Association.


Planning Your Workshop

I schedule a free telephone consultation beforehand to ensure I can plan the correct workshop for your school. This will be based on your core principles and your objectives, both short and long term. I will then draw up an initial outline of your workshops and this will be emailed to you beforehand so we can make adjustments if necessary. At the end of the sessions I give each participant a feedback form which will be given directly to the school to review. I will send a follow up email with suggetions of possible techniques for future use and links to suggested online resources. I will fit around your school day and lesson times.


Whats On Offer

I coach on on meta-cognitive skills, resiliance, confidence, self esteem, well-being, exam stress, inner critic, goal setting, growth mindset and mindfulness meditation.


Workshops Examples

  • Mindfulness Techniques for Teens

  • Releasing Self-Limiting Beliefs

  • Increasing Self-Esteem & Confidence

  • Managing Stress & Anxiety

  • Preparing for Exams with Growth Mindset

  • Introduction to Meditation for Stress Managment

  • Guided Meditation for Exam Day (30 minute sessions held on the day of the exam)

  • Dealing with a Fixed Mindset and the Inner Critic

  • Independant Thinking and Effective Goal Setting

  • Mindfulness for Parents / Supporting Their Child's Learning

  • Stress Management in The Workplace



The Benefits

Theses workshops have proven to increase confidence and social skills, manage expectations and help reduce the inner critic and the fear of failure. The techniques encourge personal growth and ultimately support individuals in attaining either better results or a better work/ life balance. The ethos is based on praising effort and not just ability and giving each person an increased belief in themself with tried and tested methods.

  • Create Emotional Balance

  • Promote Better Sleep Patterns

  • Boost the Immune System

  • Decrease Anxiety and Stress

  • Increase Productivity or Results

  • Promote a Positive Mindset

  • Increase Focus

  • Increase Inner Confidence and Self Belief


Costs & Bookings

To make an enquiry simply email or call with some details of your requirements. I will then get back in touch with a few questions and to arrange a telephone call. All enquiries are non obligational


Length                                One Off                     Course of Six

60 Minute Workshop          150.00                       £850          (£141 per session)

2 Hour Workshop                £195.00                    £1080        (£180 per session)

Half Day                              £350.00                    £1900        (£316 per session)

Full Day                               £395.00                   £2100         (350 per session)


Please note these prices are for schools within East Sussex. The price may be increased for schools further afield to account for travel time and expense.




ThereTheirThey're goals brackenbury

We thrilled with the impact the relaxation sessions had on our children at Brackenbury. We booked Sally to provide a mindfulness session for every year group, aged 4-11. All of the children were fully engaged and Sally tailored the sessions to the age of the children. The head teacher commented that lunch time on that day was the calmer than she had ever seen"


Mrs O'Hagan, Brackenbury Primary School, Brighton