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Take A Leap of Faith To Become Your Best Self


I offer one-2-one sessions based around mindfulness techniques, self awareness, energy healing and meditation practises. My sessions are designed bespoke for your needs and will factor in your aims. I offer a free telephone consultation beforehand.  I use a variety of activities to explore your habits, beliefs and  lifestyle choices with the aim of giving you life long tools which can empower you and help you move through life. Stress and difficulties are a part of life and I can give you techniques to use at home to help enable to move through these times with more ease.


Example of Sessions

  • Stress Management & Reduction of Anxiety with Meditations

  • Goal Setting & Visualising Success

  • Dealing with Fatigue, Insomnia & Physical Awareness

  • Banishing the Inner Critic & Self Belief

  • Self Awareness and Parenting

  • Moving On & Letting Go

  • Reiki Healing

  • Home Energy Cleanse (removing old energy & setting intentions 2 hours)


Dealing with daily stress has become part of every day modern life and its something that most people have experienced at some point in their life and looking at ways to ease this has enourmous benefits to body and mind. These include improving sleep, boosting the immune system, incresaing compassion, improving your focus, having more balanced emotions,


These sessions can help you to release old or negative energy or thoughts and feelings that may be inhibiting you in your daily life. It can often help you to see things with more clarity and you may feel invigorated in the days following it. It often helps you feel better equipped to make decisions and become more intune with your emotions.


Spiritual and Guided Healing

I also offer holistic and spiritual healing with the aide of Reiki, Intuitive Card Readings and Deep Meditation. This type of healing is particulary effective if you are feeling emotionally blocked or in need of some  love and guidance with regards to support or moving forward in your life, I use these tools to help you access your own inner being and to begin the process of trusting your inner guidance system. Each visit will take around 1 hour and 15 minutes..  You can book a one off but typically there is  most benefit from around 3 sessions which you can use over a time period that suits you.



Home Cleansing

These visits usually take around 2 hours depending on the size of your home. The focus on shifting old energy left behind by either previous occupants or your own experiences in the home. Each room is cleansed using sage, essential oils. crystals, candles and a blessing. We will then set an intention for your home to create the perfect environment for you. I use some physic tools to pick up any energetic message from each room. After the vist you'll get an email giving you some follow up tasks. A home cleanse is a beautiful ritual that can you leave feeling warm, safe and invigorated.



One-2-One Sessions:        £65.00 single sesson / £150 for 3 sessions      1 hour and 15 mins

Home Energy Ritual:         £75.00                                                                      2 Hours

Small Group Session:        £140.00 for up to 3 people                                  90 Minutes


Discounts are available for low income eaners. Please mention on enquiry.



      "Anxiety is something that all can be prone too, although it was never something that I had experienced up until the last few years. Then an incident occurred that was enough to etch an emotional memory deep into my consciousness that would generate feelings of utter fear.  After only a brief pre  discussion, Sally was able to tune in to what my needs were and guide me on an insightful journey that not only relaxed me but also enabled me to proceed. I am truly grateful to you for helping me through what was an extraordinarily highly emotional moment in my life."


Helen Smith, 2018


"Sally's fresh approach involved looking at ourselves in a different way and she gave us the tools to look after ourselves as a whole. The course left me feeling more positive and content with my life"


Hayley Kelso,   2018 ..





"Sally came to cleanse our flat and guided us into making it into a more loving a positive space. Sally brings in such genuine and positive energy which helps you to believe and trust. Our space is slowly but surely becoming and more productive and loving environment and we excited are both about the future. Blessed be, and trust in Sally"


Kate C,      2018