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Leap Ahead of The Rest

At Leap Mindfulness I offer high quality coaching on self-awareness, wellbeing, meditation and mindfulness. The workshops are aimed at for corporate clients and the education sector but also any group who may be interested in implementing these techniques. We can work with all levels of experience, from total beginnners upwards. The sessions are designed to give you skills to use at home or at work. Since 2016 I have worked at over 60 schools delivering workshops to thousands of young people.


The benefits of implmenting mindfulness techniques have now been proven to:

  • Create Emotional Balance

  • Promote Better Sleep Patterns

  • Boost the Immune System

  • Decrease Anxiety and Stress

  • Increase Productivity

  • Promote a Positive Mindset

  • Increase Focus

  • Increase Inner Confidence and Self Belief


Whats Involved?

Each workshop is  designed around your requirements. There is an inital discussion to identify your idea's and how many sessions would be most benefical. I can offer a one off event or a series of sessions.  The minuimum time required for each workshops would be 2 hours. Addional coaches can also be booked.


The Benefits

Theses workshops have proven to help  by increasing confidence, increasing productivity, managing the fear of failure, encouraging personal growth and ultimately supporting individuals in attaining a better work/ life balance. The ethos is based on praising effort and not just ability and giving each person an increased belief in themself.


Examples of Workshops

  • Mindfulness Technique for Day to Day Use

  • Releasing Self-Limiting Beliefs

  • Increasing Self-Esteem & Confidence

  • Managing Stress & Anxiety

  • Preparing for Exams with Growth Mindset

  • Introduction to Meditation

  • Transition from Year 6 to Secondary School

  • Independant Thinking and Effective Goal Setting



Young Minds, Education Sector, Teacher Training & Schools

For key stage one & two I offer 30 minute meditation sessions, this is based on stillness, imagination and use of the senses. These are usually booked on a termly basis. For key stages four and five I combine meditation with self-awareness with mindfulness practises that also include creative work and self-awareness to help with school pressures. Sessions have enourmous benefit to young minds, allowing them to relase anxiety, create clear stratagies for the futures and increase self-belief.



Costs & Bookings

To make an enquiry simply email or call with some details of your requirements. We'll will then get back in touch to dicuss it further. We are open all idea's and suggestions and we're happy to work around your specifics.  Quotes are given once the workshop has been discussed. A full and complete quote would always be given prior to booking. Fee's are offered on a sliding scale with a succession of 4 or more workshops within a 12 month period. 25% discounts are available for charities including PTFA's.










"Sally is a fantastic person who makes everyone feel comfortable. I would definately recommend anyone to join any of her classes"


"Can't wait for the session! I was left feeling so great last time, can't wait to see how things progress through the weeks. Thanks so much".


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"I was put you at ease and it has  helped me look at things differently. This has inspired me to make some much needed changes to my life.  Thank you so much for your support and guidance ."



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