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"Sally Davis is a powerhouse, this is sure to be well run  and highly beneficial to anyone who attends"


Denise Baldock, The Ox Centre

Leap Inside To See What You Find


I run small group meditation classes and one day workshops focusing on breathe, meditation, visualisation and inner connection.  Sessions vary each week and I draw inspiration from mindful techniques, seasons, chakras, colour, nature, empowerment, connecting with self, animals and Shamanic journeying. They open to everyone, men and women, experienced and beginners. If you need to simply un-wind then these classes are  perfect for you. They are in an informal and relaxed atmosphere with focus on relaxation, unwinding and re-connecting. If you find yourself curious about meditation or you are living with quite a lot of day-to-day stress the group class is great to to start with. It's advised to book 4  classes to begin with but drop-in is available too.



Meditation Class Timetable  2019

Meditation classes can be purchased as one off session in cash on the day or in blocks and used

over a six month period.  It is kindly requested that you book your spaces in advance.


Evening Meditation & Healing Circle:        6.30pm - 7.45pm    Fortnightly in Hove

60 minute meditation session with a 15 minute 'Quiet Time' at the start the session


Venue, Bookings Investment:


  • £36.00 for 4 classes  / 10.00 Drop-In

  • Maximum 6 people






Lunchtime Guided Meditation Circle:          1.30pm - 2.30pm    Weekly in Brighton

45 minute meditation, with individal feedback at the end, ideal for those with less time,


Every Monday  Lunchtime from 7th January 2019 - 25th March 2019


Venue, Booking Investment

  • Unity Studio, Lewes Rd, Brighton

  • £6.00 per class

  • Maximum 12 people


Email or Call Now To Enquire, pay or reserve a space leapmindfulness@

All questions will be answered with a smile.


The Benefits of Meditation


Reduces symptons of stress.....helps control emotions.....improves sleep.....aides clear decision the mind some 'down time'..........increases body awareness........reduces pain......helps with digestion....allows the release of negative emotions......reduces anxiety.....improves self esteem .

_An empty lantern provides no light, self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly_ (1) New Year Ritual & Meditation Ceremony (1) unity