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Welcome to Leap Mindfulness         Meditation, Mindfulness, Growth Mindset, Self Awareness & Healing


At Leap Mindfulness I offer classes & courses to individuals, small groups, the corporate sector and the education sector.

Each technique is aimed at helping individuals lead a life with more connection, balance, self -awarness and clarity of mind.

I use mindfulness techniques which now have proven health benefits for the body and the mind.


For schools and corporate clients I use mindfulness and growth minsdet models. These focus on stress managment, effective

goal setting, emotional resilliance, productivity and success stratagies.


At retreats and in group sessions I use self-awareness techniques based around meditation, energy work and healing.


For individuals I use Reiki, meditation and intuitive self-awareness techniques tailored specifically for their needs. I also run

small group meditation classes and weekend retreats based on creating a safe and nurturing space to connect.


These are all proven to help enable the transformation of habits, belifs and beviours and create a more balanced mind.

In January 2019 have appeared on BBC Three Counties Radio as a guest panellist. I work on a regular basis with Learning

Performance. I have also written for MEL Mens Magazine and featured in Spirit and Destiny Magazine


Benefits of Mindfulness Practies:


  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety

  • Balance Emotions

  • Improve Sleep

  • Boost Your Immune System

  • Have a Greater Sense of Control

  • Increase Your Confidence

  • Become More Grounded and Focused

  • Manage Goals Successfully & Become More Productive

  • Create a Better Work / Life Balance

  • Create Physical Awareness

  • Increase Your Sense of Happiness, Empathy & Self Worth

  • Increase Your Feeling of Connection with Universal Energy

  • It is suitable for men, women & young people from all walks of life.



 Corporate Clients:   Reducing employee stress, increasing productivity, managing workload.

Education Sector:   Easing exam pressure & workload, confidence building, emotional resilliance, introducing mindfulness.

Weekend Retreats: Meditation, mindfulness, yoga, healing, connecting with nature, inner connection, total getaways.

One-2-One:                Meditation, Reiki, Intuitive Healing, energy work & pyshic development to balance your heart and mind.

Small Groups:          Healthy body, weight loss, confidence, parenting, meditation & mindfulness.


Meditation and mindful practises have now been scientifically proven to have vast amounts of health benefits including creating a positive mindset, enabling better management of emotions, helping decison making, forming positive habits, cultivating compassion, fostering an attitude of gratitude and increasing happy emotions.

"Sally was motivating, gave me belief and self-confidence and was a great listener. The sessions exceeded my expectations and gave me tools to help cope with every day life"


Alicia Lorde, 2017

Rest & Revive 2018


"The meditation class was soothing, & uplifting. I felt relaxed from the start and the best nights sleep ever!  A really friendly group with no pressure.



Paula Leek, 2017

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"Thank you  for a spacious, calming, affirming weekend. It was delightful and I'm feeling very well rested. The reatreat was a real gift and just what I asked for


Clair Rowe, 2018

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