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The Science Bit........When we implement Mindful Moments into our daily life we can start to bring small glimpes of joy into mundane, every day tasks. Taking the time to slow down and have appreciation of the small things slowly builds up the positive connection in our brain and we start to find ourselves living in a happier way. We start to live moment by moment, find inner peace, become non-judgmental of ourselves and others, detach and look at the bigger picture, forgive ourselves, become more understanding and develop deeper listening skills.


Every  thought  you have  forms a neural  connection in  your  brain & when you learn something new it connections with existing ones.  The connection starts off weak but the more often you think of  something  the  stronger  the  connection  becomes.    That is why when we repeat a thought pattern it becomes our reality. This is the same for both positive and negative thoughts.


The good news is that it is possible to ‘rewire’ our brains and replace unhelpful thinking with better thoughts.  We can start this process by making space in our day to quiet the mind, acknoweldge what thoughts patterns and look at simple ways to re-wire and change those thoughts through meditation, affirmations and positive reinforcement. Even  with only 10 minutes practise each day we can free ourelves of self limiting beliefs and reduce stress.

Leap Mindfulness Coach and Founder, Sally Davis has been using self-awareness techniques since 2008. She has a passion for giving people tools that can enhance their body and mind connection and allow them to live a more fulfilled life.  Sally practices Meditation, Mindfulness, Growth Mindset, Reiki, Intuitive Physic Work, the Law of Attraction and Card Guidance. Meditation in particular has now been proven to aide sleep, boost the immune system, create a calmer mind, improve decision making skills and decrease stress.


Her passion is to unite individuals with their true-self and to assist them to create the changes they desire through gentle techniques & guidance. She draws inspirations from Shamanic practices, energy work and nature. Sally's background is in performing arts and she also coaches on public speaking, confidence and combating stage fright. .She has also coaches on on meta-cognitive skills, resilience, confidence, self esteem, well-being, exam stress and growth mindset within the education sector.


Training and Experience

Psychic Development, Tarot (Major Arcana), Healing Level 1  2018      (Sonia Sarkali)

Meta-Cognition and Growth Mindset                                        2017     (

Stress Management and Relaxation Coaching                          2017     (

Reiki Level Two                                                                         2016     (

Mindfulness for Parenting                                                         2016     (

The Artists Way by Julia Cameron.                                             2008     (

Acting and Drama Arts Dip.                                                        2004    (

BA HONS in Social Policy and Personal Social Services            1999     (University of Brighton)


Appeared on BBC Three Counties Radio, featured in Spirit and Destiny Magazine, written for MEL Men's magazine.




"After going through several years of stressful living & negative thought patterns I started the daily practise of  meditation  alongside the Law of Attraction and Energy Work. I slowly started to connect with my inner self and saw amazing results. Using a small selection of simple techniques I lost weight, created a healthy mind and started a new career.  I continue to use all of the methods that I teach within my own life including manifesting, affirmations, goal setting, healing, law of attraction and mindfulness.  I love to work closely with fellow practitioners and I love to see my clients grow, learn and believe."   Sally Davis

BBC Three Counties Radio