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Courses, Classes, Workshops & Retreats

for Men, Women & Young People in the UK

All Ages, All Abilities, All Welcome

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Welcome to Leap Mindfulness

Meditation, Mindfulness, Growth Mindset, Self Awareness & Healing


At Leap Mindfulness I offer classes & courses to individuals, small groups, schools & the workplace. Each technique is

aimed at helping individuals lead a life with more connection, balance, self -awarness and clarity of mind.

I use healing techniques which have proven health benefits for the body and the mind. For groups, schools and corporate

clients I use mindfulness and growth minsdet models.  At retreats and in group sessions I use self awareness techniques

based around meditation and healing. These are all proven to help enable the transformation of habits and beviours.


  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety

  • Balance Emotions

  • Improve Sleep

  • Have a Greater Sense of Control

  • Create a Better Work / Life Balance

  • Create Physical Awareness

  • Increase Your Sense of Happiness & Self Worth

  • It is suitable for men, women & young people from all walks of life.


There are group coaching sessions, retreats, drop-in classes, workshops and one-2-one services


Corporate Clients:   Bespoke workshops & training on reducing employee stress, increasing productivity, managing workload.


Education Sector:   For students & teachers; easing exam pressure & workload, confidence building, introduce mindfulness.


One-2-One:             Meditation, Reiki, Intuitive Healing & Energy work to balance your heart and mind.


Small Groups:        Short courses & retreats on self awareness, healthy body, parenting, meditation & mindfulness.


Meditation and mindful practises have now been scientifically proven to have vast amounts of health benefits including creating a positive mindset, enabling better management of emotions, helping decison making, forming positive habits, cultivating compassion, fostering an attitude of gratitude and increasing happy emotions - Yay, Good News For Everyone! 

"Sally was motivating, gave me belief and self-confidence and was a great listener. The sessions exceeded my expectations and gave me tools to help cope with every day life"


Alicia Lorde, 2017

Rest & Revive 2018


"The meditation class was soothing, & uplifting. I felt relaxed from the start and the best nights sleep ever!  A really friendly group with no pressure.



Paula Leek, 2017

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Upcoming & Ongoing Courses


Drop-in Meditation Classes & Small Group Circles:              Ongoing  Weekly & Monthly Classes, Plus Special Rituals and Ceremoies


Healthy Mind & Body, Weight Loss & Body Confidence:     Ongoing Dates that Vary, 5 Week Course  and One-2-One Healng


Cleanse, Connect, Create: Yoga  & Meditation:                     Weekend Residential Retreat, January 2019,  With Hatha Teacher Carolyn Thompson              


_An empty lantern provides no light, self-care is Cleanse. Connect. Create. FB flyer

"Thank you  for a spacious, calming, affirming weekend. It was delightful and I'm feeling very well rested. The reatreat was a real gift and just what I asked for


Clair Rowe, 2018